Top 5 Reasons Why Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames Will Become Your New Obsession

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8.5 x 11 Solid Adhesive Frames - Package of 5 - Fodeez® Adhesive Display Frames / Dry Erase Boards - 10
Reason #1

We make you look good ........ over and over and over.

Whether you're communicating with customers, team members, patients or students .... we believe what you have to say is important, and your messages should be seen. ALWAYS.

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Reason #2


Patented Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames are made of a single sheet of durable polypropylene. This strength prevents tearing; and because they are lightweight, you won't need gobs of messy adhesive to display your messages.

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Reason #3

Re-Usable 100s of Times

Combine durable material with high quality adhesive, and you have a product that will last the test of time. If the frame is always smoothed down after changing a message, your frames will last for 100s of uses.

Made in the USA

Reason #4

Easy to Use.

Instructions printed on the back of every frame.

  1. Peel the Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frame from the liner.
  2. Place one side on the surface.
  3. Slip in your message under the frame.
  4. Completely smooth down the frame.
  5. Lift the marked corner tab any time you want to change your message.

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Reason #5

Save Time & Money

Because they're so easy to use, and they can be used 100s of times, you will save time and money by using Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames for your important signs and messages.

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