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so far, so goo!

I've replaced the tape for several of our door signs with these. They look nice and seem to be working ok.

Interior Adhesive for Exterior Viewing
Rachel Sizemore (Copperas Cove, US)
Exactly what we needed!

We ordered the glass sheets and they are perfect for what we needed them. I love that they are dry erase friendly.

Love These

Great product! We use them to display our daily menu on our food truck. They look great and are super convenient.

Letter-Size Adhesive Frames for Walls
HEATHER H. (Durango, US)
Customer Service helpful for glitch when ordering

Products are great and customer service messages were helpful too!

Great. Works well

Looks great, but not happy will overall performance of product

We were excited about finding this product thinking that this was the product we had finally been looking for. We tried one out to see how it worked. It installed very easily and looked really good. But then came time for removal. When taking the frame off the glass door it wasn't as easy to remove and it left quite of bit of residue on the glass even for a temporary application. Which wasn't easy for our cleaning crew to clean. This was very disappointing as it is marketed as reusable but the amount of adhesive that was left on our door didn't give us confidence that we would get long lasting use out of this product. We did confirm that we bought the correct product Interior for exterior and that it was in fact for glass door application. We have decided to return this product and hopefully find something else.

Oh no! We'd love the opportunityt to make this right. Please send a photo of what you experienced - these should have removed easily. We'll watch for the return and test to ensure they were not marked incorrectly. This sounds like what happens when a Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames for Walls is adhered to glass.

Interior Adhesive for Exterior Viewing
Susan Wiemeler (Chicago, US)
I was so excited…..

But, they didn't stick to my surface. The same type of bumpy white surface you show in your ad. I had 3 up on my wall and they all fell down by the end of the day.

Hi Susan -

We greatly appreciate the email conversation we've had since the review was posted. Thank you so much for letting us know you will use these Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames in your food truck window as intended, and we are thankful for your purchase of the Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames for Walls you just made. Have a wonderful day, and thank you again for being such a great customer!

Exactly what I needed

These adhesive frames are amazing- exactly what I needed! We have some important information and doctors forms for my elderly parents. The social worker had encouraged us to post them on the wall- some place easily accessible and visible. First off, the forms are ugly obnoxious hot pink designed to be extremely visible to paramedics in case of emergency. Secondly, it’s not something we want to show prominently but ok, I get it.
These frames are great- I don’t want to just attach these forms to the wall with tape or a pushpin. They make the forms look even more visible now they are behind frames, and perhaps a bit more professional. Thank you!!

Sticks well, works for foodservice fridge temp logs

Only had one size I could really use.

Letter-Size Adhesive Frames for Walls
Catherine Hackworth (Tucson, US)
Easy and attractive!

Great customer service, great product and super easy to use! You won't be disappointed, I plan to order more in different colors for my business. Thanks Fodeez!

Purchased the blue frames pack

I purchased these for our food business. I was hoping to use them on our window of our concession trailer to hold our menu for the day. It was not exactly what I expected. I thought there would be a solid back that would attach to the window or wall and then when you peeled at the corner it would just be the frame that would peel out and then I would load the menu and put the sheet back over the menu. It took me a few tries to figure out exactly how they worked. I think the directions or the description needs to be a little clearer. Now that I figured them out I love them and look forward to using them this summer. There is a local Old Threshers group that we volunteer for and we have a show once a year in July. I run the food stand during the show and look forward to using these to hold my menu which changes twice a day, once for breakfast and then one for lunch/supper. Thank you for making such an awesome product. This will make it look more professional than just taping a sheet protector to the wall or window and loading the menu from the top which is what I was using. I also plan to share these with my daughter who is a newer 2nd grade teacher to see if she might be able to use them in her classroom. Thanks again.

Best idea ever !

I work for pediatric office. We are always having different events and need to change out flyers and notices. This is a great way to protect the signs and give them a more professional look.

21-Piece Premium Starter Pack
Bridgett Houk (Fort Morgan, US)

21-Piece Premium Starter Pack

Letter-Size Adhesive Frames for Walls
Jazzercise Center (Decatur, US)
Nice Solution

It performed as advertised. Great idea

Letter-Size Adhesive Frames for Smooth Surfaces
Jackie Mercer (Cincinnati, US)
Easy to use

Perfect for our cabins! Will definitely purchase again! Clean and easy to use, looks great!!!

Letter-Size Adhesive Frames for Smooth Surfaces
Cynthia Brown (Santa Clarita, US)
Wish I had purchased these sooner!

Really increases the elegance and presentation of whatever you are posting. So easy to use too! I will be ordering another large pack. I highly recommend these.

Adhesive Frames for Walls
David Cook (Cool Ridge, US)
texturize wall

It’s a great product a good idea, but it does not stick to texturize walls at all. Company was really great about sending me another set out but again that set did not stick either. It needs more adhesive.,

Letter-Size Adhesive Frames for Smooth Surfaces
Jewels MacDonell (Elizabeth, US)

We love these!

36-Piece Platinum Starter Pack
Coop (Indianapolis, US)
Could not get them to work

The door not painted and then some walls could not get them to work

Hi there! We sent an email, but haven't received a reply. The package includes 3 different types of Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames to work on different surfaces. Instructions on the back of every Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames explain which surface that frame will work on. It looks like you may not be using the Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames for Walls on the wall surface. Please check to make sure you are using the correct frame on the correct surface. We're happy to help troubleshoot :)

Interior Adhesive for Exterior Viewing
Mike Hadder (Richardson, US)
Won't stick on any surface

Not a single one of these have lasted more than 2 days on the wall with most not lasting more than 30 minutes.

Hi, Mike -

We sent an email, but wanted to reply here as well. Please look at the instructions on the back of each frame. The products ordered are not designed to work on walls - the adhesive isn’t strong enough. The frames you purchased are designed for glass or other smooth surfaces, not textured surfaces. You need Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames for Walls.

Classic Platinum Pack - for SMOOTH Surfaces
Christy Louton (Austin, US)
Professional look

We have been posting notices on our glass doors of our business forever. This looks so much more professional and clean! Easy to use! I will be ordering more!

11 x 17 Adhesive Frames for Smooth Surfaces
Elizabeth Brushaber (Pascagoula, US)

11 x 17 Adhesive Frames for Smooth Surfaces

Interior Adhesive for Exterior Viewing
Rebecca Ash (Asheville, US)

I like this product. I needed to place a soft paper sign in my studio window, and ordered the correct version for outside viewing. My first attempt though ended badly, as the piece of paper stuck to the frame right away and then when I removed it the paper was torn and the frame appears to be ruined as I can not remove the stuck bit of paper which is on the visible side. The adhesive may be too strong. Fortunately I have four more to use, four out of five is not bad, but I am still a little disappointed by the ruined one as I don't know what to do with it now.

Made Organizing a Dream

Perfect for labeling plastic bins of children’s clothes in a charity clothing boutique. Very sturdy, tidy looking, and easy to apply. I will be purchasing more as our funds allow.

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