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Interior Adhesive for Exterior Viewing
Elizabeth Garcia (Weston, US)


Letter-Size Adhesive Frames for Smooth Surfaces
Linda Langley (Lake Jackson, US)
The Best

Love how I can display calendars and pictures on my stainless steel refrigerator using your products

NEW - 16-Piece Basic Starter Pack
Carla Jackson (Windsor Mill, US)
I Love It and I'm Sticking to It! Get it!😊

This is an absolutely great idea..Combining a post it and dry erase board all in one that works!!! I highly recommend this product. We use it in high travel areas at our church. Our congregation and visitors don't have to worry about missing the announcements with the Fodeez Frames.I'm so happy I saw the advertisement.

Accessory Package Gift
Margaret Johnston (Frankenmuth, US)

love these - use them all the time

Letter-Size Adhesive Frames for Smooth Surfaces
Carl Henrickson (Front Royal, US)
We love fodeez!

Now our Winery tasting room bar cannot possibly get messed up! They work perfectly. We need more!

Mystery 2x3 5-Pack
Joanna R (Raleigh, US)
Worth It

I've been looking for a frame of some sort to put my advertisements up in our store but couldn't find the right one. I don't want to put holes in the wall, use tape that will rip the paint plus the aesthetics. I need to put one on our glass door, on our counter on our walls and Fodeez honestly does the job! It is an investment but it looks good, clean and professional.

Solid Bright Assortment Adhesive Frames
Gisela Limon (Laredo, US)

I really needed something like this. Couldn’t believe all the reviews, so I decided to try it for myself. I was more than pleasantly impressed. I love my fodeez. Now I don’t have to deal with magnets or glue or double sided tape. I’m so happy I ordered these. Thanks so much for making my life easier.

21-Piece Premium Starter Pack
Cummington Cultural District (Cummington, US)
Neat, Clean Appearance

Thanks for tidying up our posting and announcements board! The frames help us emphasize events and features we want brought to the forefront. Love your solution.

Solid Bright Assortment Adhesive Frames
Collin Lieberman (Ithaca, US)

Solid Bright Assortment Adhesive Frames

Bright Colors

I like the bright colors, but am disappointed that these are not the type that stick to textured walls. I wanted to use these outside of our computer labs but need the type that stick to textured walls for those locations.

Just received them!

These are wonderful! I just received them, so I can’t say they last a long time it not, but I hope so! Sooooo much nicer and more professional than scotch tape!

Interior Adhesive for Exterior Viewing
Jeff Holbrook (Bradenton, US)
great product

Came as advertised...works very well as an option for Real Estate listings on a storefront window.

Mystery 2x3 5-Pack
Laura Chanowski (Lufkin, US)
Love these frames!

We facilitate a lot of events and these frames have come in so handy! So easy to use and creates the finished look I've been searching for. The 11x17 size is my favorite!

Letter-Size Adhesive Frames for Walls
Claire Crone (Canton, US)
Walls vs. windows

It's a great product to display the many messages we need too.
Be sure though, to order the right one! I wanted the one to go on windows, but accidentally ordered the one for walls. My mistake - they warn you repeatedly. Just pay attention! I'm using it in a different area, so I'm not complaining (except to myself!)

Love them!!

I love them, they work perfectly on our stainless steel fridge and cabinets.

2-Pack for Interior/Exterior Viewing
S. Carr (Madison, US)
Not for me!

These did not work well for me- and I returned the whole pack. They did not stick to the walls and were not easy to use. User Error maybe, but not for me. I have concrete block walls.

Hi there -

Thank you for your purchase, and we are so sorry you weren't happy with our products. We try very hard to let people know there are different products for different surfaces. The products purchased have a light adhesive designed to work on glass, stainless steel, acrylic, etc. They will not adhere to walls. For walls, you would want the Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames for Walls found here https://www.fodeez.com/products/letter-size-adhesive-frames-for-walls.

NEW - 16-Piece Basic Starter Pack
Janet Dipiazza (Brighton, US)
Really clears up the clutter

Used these frames to hang important papers in my daycare. Looks very neat and professional.

Interior Adhesive for Exterior Viewing
Susan Arredondo (Albany, US)
Love the product

I love how neat and clean these frames make everything look. This was my second order. I thought I had ordered the frames you use inside but show outside but I didn’t. Second time and I tried and really thought I got them this time but I didn’t. This would be my only recommendation is to make that part more clear. I’m extremely happy with what I got. I had just wanted to try the others and ordered the wrong ones again 😕 3rd time will be it! 😁

NEW - 16-Piece Basic Starter Pack
Valerie Herskowitz (Palm Beach Gardens, US)
Love the frames

We used the Frsmes at our shop to organize and label items. Really worked well

Expected higher quality

Considering the high cost and after reading other reviews, I fully expected the black frame to be of much higher quality. On my first attempt to carefully straighten the frame on my window, the frame was easily scratched up by fingernails.

Hi, Shelby -

We’re so sorry to see this! Please send a photo of the scratches, and we’ll happily replace them. This shouldn’t have happened.

Letter-Size Adhesive Frames for Walls
Kevin Ireland (Austin, US)
a little larger

The frames are slightly too small, so that an 8.5 x 11" page needs to be trimmed to avoid sticking to the adhesive. A matte option for the clear plastic would be a nice option.

Interior Adhesive for Exterior Viewing
Carolyn Underwood (Atlanta, US)
Perfect solution

The frames arrived just as we needed to relay to our members a new regulation at our marina. The frame was used to post the information to be seen in the window facing the boat hoist and also seen from inside our clubhouse by printing info on both sides. It was a perfect solution to getting info shared!
Much more professional than a scotched taped sheet of paper!

They really work!

I am very pleased with how well they look on
my refrigerator door!

Letter-Size Adhesive Frames for Walls
Katie (Kansas City, US)
Love this product

I have purchased these twice now. The first ones I absolutely loved. They have stayed put and look great on my white walls, they have also stayed put on my cabinets in my classroom. However the second set which I have placed here on my yellow wall can't and will not stay put. They falll down every day, to the point I'm about to go back to the regular hangers. I'm not for sure why they are not staying on this wall. I sent a message/review to the company and to find out it was my error and I had the wrong ones on the white walls. I switched them to the right ones and they have been perfect since. Great customer service and support.

We’d love to help! Your second order included both Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames for Walls and some for smooth surfaces. Please check the back liner to ensure you are using the frames intended for Walls.

The Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames for smooth surfaces do not have a strong enough adhesive to hold on walls.

Please let us know what you find.
Update: So happy we could help resolve the confusion and ensure you were happy with your purchase. We truly value every single customer and every single order. Thank you for the updated review!

Letter-Size Adhesive Frames for Walls
Paula (San Antonio, US)
Perfect for the classroom

Love these frames! So easy to use. Great addition to my classroom.