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Safety Adhesive Dry Erase Frames
$ 78.99 USD$ 69.99 USD

Why Fodeez® Frames?

Clean, Professional Look

Professional-looking messages anywhere you want them to be seen:  walls, glass doors, 

A-frame signs, windows, etc. 


Made of durable polypropylene, our patented Fodeez® Frames will last for years when used correctly. View our Tips for Long-Lasting Use here.


Use our Fodeez® Frames for Walls on a smooth surfaces outside for weatherproof messaging. The stronger adhesive will withstand the elements. Read more here

Save Time

You can display a message within seconds. Full instructions are printed on the back of every Fodeez® Frame.

Save Money

No need for laminating supplies or wasting labor. Fodeez® Frames are re-usable 100s of times, so you'll save money.

Dry Erase Feature

Every Fodeez® Frame can be used as an impromptu dry erase board.  No other product allows you to easily display a document, then dry erase on top of the document.

Available in Many Sizes

Dimensions denote clear image area.

Save the Environment

Print one checklist. Place it beneath a Fodeez Frame, check off with a dry erase marker, and then re-use over and over.

Order Your Messaging Kit Now

$ 64.99 USDSAVE 16%
  • 5 - Fodeez® Frames for Walls

  • 5 - Fodeez® Frames for Smooth Surfaces

  • 3 - Duo Tip Dry Erase Markers

  • 3 - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

$ 93.99 USDSAVE 15%

Most Popular

  • 5 - Fodeez® Frames for Walls

  • 5 - Fodeez® Frames for Smooth Surfaces

  • 5 - Fodeez® Frames Interior 

         for Exterior View

  • 3 - Fine Tip Dry Erase Marker

  • 3 - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

$ 156.79 USDSAVE 20%

Best Value

  • 10 - Fodeez® Frames for Walls

  • 10 - Fodeez® Frames for Smooth Surfaces

  • 10 - Fodeez® Frames Interior 

            for Exterior View

  • 3 - Fine Tip Dry Erase Marker

  • 3 - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

What Our Customers Say

"People come into my store all of the time trying to sell me things.  The Fodeez® Frames are the only things that have worked, and I love them!"


                                --  Michelle, UPS Store Manager

"I run a shared workspace, and we have a need for directional signage. Fōdeez® Frames allow us to change our signage frequently with a fun flair."

                                                       --  Dana, The Coop

"I've wanted to try this for a while and found the link and ordered. Love Love Love them. Its perfect for a clean look for my announcement/flyers."

                               --  Wendy, Silver Foxx Media

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