Fodeez® Frames Are Weatherproof!

Need Weatherproof Messaging?

We've literally got you covered!
We've had so many calls and emails about this subject, that we wanted to spend a little time on exterior messaging.
If you have a smooth exterior surface such as glass, acrylic, metal or any other surface that is perfectly smooth, we can provide you with reusable messaging that will save you time and money.
"Smooth" is defined as: having an even and regular surface or consistency; free from perceptible projections, lumps, or indentations.
fodeez reusable adhesive weatherproof frames work on smooth surfaces   fodeez reusable peel and stick adhesive sign holders for exterior


Which Product Do I Buy?

To withstand the elements, you need the stronger adhesive of our Fodeez® Frames for Wall Products.  Yes, we know that we say these are for use on textured surfaces, but exterior is different than interior.
When you apply the Fodeez® Frames outside, we need more "Umph" to keep the frame in place.  Click to shop Fodeez® Frames for Walls.


This photo was sent to us by Laina Bryant of Lake Charles, LA, that shows her Fodeez® Frame survived Hurricane Laura.
fodeez frames survived hurricane laura
"Just wanted to show you that one of your frames held on through Hurricane Laura!! In Lake Charles, LA! Some water did get inside, but it was still hanging almost a month after the storm!"

Thanks for sending in the photo, Laina!


fodeez reusable adhesive frames are weatherproof

twyford bbq using reusable fodeez frames on food truck

Notice the "signs" on Randy Twyford's windows! Twyford BBQ of Jacksonville, IL, has mastered quick promotion changes when they need to spice things up. 
Bottom line ... we want to help make you look good, anywhere we can.  Even if you want to look good outside!