Self-Stick Reusable Adhesive Display Sign Holders: Perfect for Displaying Signs / Messages at Work and in Offices

Self-Stick Reusable Adhesive Display Sign Holders: Perfect for Displaying Signs / Messages at Work and in Offices

 When it comes to posting notices, signs, checklists, etc. . . . we absolutely HATE seeing tacky pieces of paper taped on to walls, windows, doors – even if they are laminated!

Adhesive Sign Holders for Interior Spaces

Instead of diminishing a beautifully decorated office space with laminated paper and tape, you can get your message across by quickly and easily posting a Fodeez® Adhesive Dry Erase Frame onto any smooth surface.

Self stick reusable adhesive sign holder

To see more uses within Hospitals and other Medical Facilities, read this blog post.

Dry Erase Board Checklist Tool

Our innovative frames are so unique that there isn’t another product on the market that allows you to dry erase ON TOP of a document without ever touching that document. See them in action and click to purchase!



Weatherproof Sign Holder for Building Exteriors

If you completely smooth down the frame, you will have long-lasting use of your outdoor / exterior signage. While the paper behind the clear image area may fade, your adhesive frame will not. When you need a crisp, clean look, simply print out a new “sign” and replace the old one.

reusable adhesive exterior weatherproof sign holder

To see more suggested uses for retailers, read this blog post.

Safety Signs Where They Matter

When it comes to safety, your staff is more aware and cautious when reminded of why we need to work safely. These self-stick safety frames can be used to display messages, but they can also be used as laptop skins or even on the dashboard of safety vehicles. Much more than a safety sticker, the clear window allows employees to show off family photos, which will also prompt more personal conversations around the worksite!

Peel and stick reusable adhesive safety sign and picture frame why i work safely

For more applications of our Safety peel and stick decals, read this blog post.

Quick and Easy Supply Order Forms

Want a simple way to keep up with supplies you need to order?

Place a Fodeez® Adhesive Dry Erase Frame near the supply cabinet.

Insert a list of supplies beneath the frame.

Staff can then place a checkmark next to supplies they need to order as the quantities decrease.



Never run out of important supplies again!

dry erase reusable adhesive supply order form

Customized Adhesive Frames to Fit Your Brand

Looking to promote your brand to further increase your business?  Our personalized reusable adhesive photo frames are the hottest new option to keep your brand in front of your customers and clients. Your brand will become synonymous with family photos and other important pictures while remaining in clear view of the clients you care about most.

chicago bears peel and stick reusable adhesive picture frame for non-magnetic stainless steel refrigerator 

Read this post for more examples of how customized Fodeez® Frames can help build your brand.

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