Fodeez® Adhesive Display Frames / Dry Erase Boards in Bulk and in the Workplace

Looking for dry erase boards in bulk? Need sign holders in bulk?  Or just looking for bulk picture frames for Santa or the Easter Bunny?  

Dry Erase Boards in Bulk

These adhesive dry erase boards will adhere to multiple smooth surfaces.  Simply peel off the liner, and stick the board to any non-porous surface, and you have an instant dry erase board to fit your needs.  The surface can be written on with dry or wet erase markers again and again, and it will always wipe away clean.

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Plus, Fodeez® Adhesive Dry Erase Boards are the only product on the market that provides two applications for the price of just one product.  Have checklists that must be completed on a regular basis?  Simply place the checklist behind a Fodeez® Self-Stick Frame, and you can check off the items as needed.  Then erase the check marks to start over.

Sign Holders in Bulk

Fodeez® Self-Stick Adhesive Frames are amazing sign holders! They are water-proof and weather proof for long-lasting affordable signage uses. We've tested these peel and stick sign holders on the front of restaurants and retail stores during freezing Chicago winters and hot and arid desert summers in California - they always held up well!

Quickly and easily change out signs when your marketing message or menu items adapt to the needs of your customers. And Fodeez® Frames as Sign Holders will save you money!  Your only cost to change a sign is the cost of paper and ink from your printer! Plus, quickly respond to your business's changing needs by simply printing out a new message, lifting up a corner of the Fodeez® Adhesive Display Frame, replace the old message with the new printout, then smooth the self-stick frame back down. There's nothing on the market as affordable and easy to work with as the Fodeez® Frames.

 Bulk Picture Frames

Tired of the old cardboard standby?  Start sending your customers home with a picture frame they will use!  Your brand will be highly visible on the refrigerator, desk, file cabinet, office door and other surfaces your customers see on a regular basis when you package special occasion photos in Fodeez® Adhesive Picture Frames.  Pictures with Santa, the Easter Bunny and all other holiday photos will stand out in a big way by making this small change.

Promote Your Business

When it comes to promoting businesses, these amazing little picture frames / dry erase boards are the best option to keep your brand in front of your customers.  When it comes to sponsoring a walk or school fundraiser,  or any other promotion where you want your brand front and center, Fodeez® Adhesive Frames are an inexpensive picture frame to toss in as a goodie bag item or a trade show handout.



Safety Campaign Tool

Promote safety within the workplace or for truck safety campaigns.  The self-stick property of these reusable picture frames make them easy to use and cost-effective for truck drivers to display family photos within the cab or their trucks.  Remind drivers and other employees why they work safely and why they drive carefully.



Pricing for self stick reusable adhesive sign holders and picture frames.