Reusable Safety Decals for Ultimate Workplace Safety

Reusable Safety Decals for Ultimate Workplace Safety

Safety labels save lives

"In order to create a strong safety culture, the culture has to be made personal - I believe these frames accomplish this goal."

--  University of Michigan Safety Fair Organizer


These personalized labels can be the last line of defense before someone gets hurt. Here's why our safety photo frame stickers are unique:

  • Family Images Create Awareness. Our reusable adhesive frames keep employee families at the forefront of the minds of workers. Reminding everyone of why they work safely is key to creating a safe work environment for all.
  • Durable.  These peel and stick reusable safety picture frames can be used again and again.  As long as the adhesive isn't exposed to air or allowed to become dirty, the frame can be re-used hundreds of times.
  • Many Unique Uses.  These adhesive picture labels can be used as laptop skins, iPad skins and used on any smooth surface. They can even be used as truck safety labels for dashboards and ceilings of trucks.
  • Dry Erase.  The dry erase feature makes these adhesive safety frames your go-to option for reusable letter-size safety checklists
  • Customizable.  We print digitally, so all frames can be fully customized for maximum impact.  To view Custom Workplace Safety Frames, click here.
  • Affordable. The small price for these safety labels will go a long way to decrease accidents and injuries.
  • Free Shipping & Fast Delivery. Most orders ship within 48 hours. Orders over $25 will ship for free.

 "Why I Work Safely" Adhesive Picture Frames

Remind workers to protect themselves and others so that everyone makes it home safely every day and every night. Learn more.

peel and stick reusable adhesive safety label why i work safely

Re-Usable Adhesive for Hundreds of Uses

Because these safety photo decals are made of durable polypropylene, they can be re-used over and over again.  Just keep them clean and not exposed to air.

reusable adhesive safety label to remind employees to work safely


Safety Photo Labels for Any Smooth Surface

Unlike other laptop skins and iPad skins, our self-stick safety picture frames allow you to change out the photo.  If your image needs updating, simply lift up the frame and change out the photo. adhesive safety label as laptop skin

 Truck Safety Labels

Our reusable adhesive photo frames are excellent for truck safety and reminding drivers to avoid accidents and to drive safely.

truck safety labels to remind truck drivers to drive safely

Dry Erase Safety Checklist

Place a checklist or other document beneath the letter-size self-stick frame, then dry erase on the clear middle area.  Not only will you save paper, but your safety checklist can be used again and again.  

Dry erase adhesive safety checklist

This short video shows the concept in use with a supply order form:


Weatherproof Exterior Safety Signs

These 8.5" x 11" peel and stick reusable adhesive safety sign holders can be used outdoors.  They will withstand, wind, rain, snow and sun.  As long as the frame is completely smoothed down and not exposed to water or air, your sign will remain visible for years.  The paper behind the frame may fade, but your safety frame will remain clean looking.

reusable adhesive exterior sign holder for outdoor safety signage

Customizable Adhesive Safety Labels

Our digital press allows us to print any design and colors on our adhesive frames. We can design for you or we can send a template for your graphic design team to work from.  

Frito-Lay's customized "Get Out and Look" campaign was well-received by their driving force. Click here to learn more about our custom workplace safety decals.

frito lay customized peel and stick safety label for truck drivers get out and look

 Affordable Pricing Means You'll Save Money

Buy our reusable adhesive safety frames in bulk for the best price available.

Pricing for custom reusable adhesive dry erase frames in bulk


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