Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Unique Gift Items They'll Love

We know it's challenging to find the right gift that says exactly how much the recipient means to you and to show that you put careful thought into your selection. To help out our favorite customers, I have compiled a list of suggested patterns that our team at Fodeo agree will make everyone smile this Holiday season.  

Stocking Stuffers

All of our designs are now available in every size.  This makes it super easy to shop for stocking stuffers, basket fillers, and pretty much every gift in between.  Whether you're looking for a small, medium or large-size gift - we've got you covered!

Young Girls

Girls change their minds… a lot. One day it is pink, then purple then blue. Keep up with their ever-changing styles with our quick and easy adhesive frames. Our most popular designs have been reviewed and approved by some pretty awesome little women.

The girls in my son’s third grade class agree that the Unicorn print is "really cool.”

unicorn peel and stick reusable adhesive picture frames for stocking stuffers

For the older girls, my 11-year-old daughter and her tween friends informed me that the Agate Collection is "pretty.”

peel and stick reusable adhesive picture frames for dorm decorating

With that said, the one thing we can say for sure is that every girl's name will stay the same. Check out the “really cool” and “cute” personalized options that gives kids the independence of hanging their own artwork.  Three-year-old Elle shows us how in the video below.

This Personalized Artwork concept has been so popular that we created a separate product to make it quick and simple to order.



Other gift suggestions:


Young Boys

One word: FORTNITE.

Any guy from 8 to 18 would be impressed with our Fortnite designs. Grab an Xbox gift card, insert it into a 4x6 frame and wait for the smile.

xbox gift card holder

And If the little man in your life lives and breathes sports like my son, check out our Sports-Themed Collections. We use the hockey 4x6 in my son’s room to lovingly remind him to brush his teeth.

Other themes boys might like:


Our top-selling color for teen rooms is pink and grey. My babysitter, who is definitely on trend, prefers our new pink Grayscape.

pink grayscape Self stick reusable adhesive picture frames for stocking stuffers


Another top choice for teens is similar to how they like their hair:  ombre!  View our Ombre Collection for the hottest trend in young adult decorating.


ombre peel and stick reusable adhesive picture frames

College-Age for Either Gender

From dorm room to apartment, students should never be without a damage-free frame that can also be used as a dry erase board.

Check out the Collegiate Colors.  A custom option with the college name or sorority/fraternity name is a great personal gift for the college student who doesn’t need more clutter.

If we don't show the school colors you need, either contact us or add in the Notes section of your order the colors that you need.

blue red college peel and stick reusable adhesive picture frames for stocking stuffers


Young Adult

Twenty-somethings don't stay in one place for very long these days. Our reusable frames are a great gift for those world travelers that still need a reminder of loved ones back home.

Our brand new Grayscape designs includes a popular color palette - especially, mustard yellow!

mustard peel and stick reusable adhesive picture frames for stocking stuffers

If the young adult in your life is recently engaged, consider a Custom Monogram with her new initials.  Monogram frames are available in any color combination and 3 different patterns:  geo, chevron and buffalo check.


Us moms cannot get enough of Buffalo Check!

Check out the new patterns and colors:

buffalo plaid Self stick reusable adhesive picture frames for stocking stuffers

Also, what mom doesn’t love a good monogram of her initials, her and her husband's initials, her kids initials…the possibilities are endless. An added bonus is to add a picture of her children smiling and looking at the camera!

Personally, I would absolutely appreciate 8.5”x11” frames for the playroom. So often I am torn between throwing away a precious drawing or adding it to the pile in the kitchen. A customized frame that is simple to update is the perfect solution for my mommy guilt.  Our primary option is shown here, but the frames can be printed in any of 53 different colors.


Our Fodeez Team loves our Grandmas!

We've noticed a very common trend among our Grandma customers . . . . you all are so very proud of your families!

For example, my mom recently requested a photo wall of her grandchildren. Lucky for her, Fodeez Frames are so easy to apply, re-apply, and apply again so that we can pretty much guarantee that her photo wall will actually be straight!

Our new Family Tree Collection creates a beautiful display of family photos in a very meaningful format.

 family tree vinyl wall decal with adhesive picture photo frames

When it comes to our frames pattern options, grandparents tend to lean toward our classic designs such as:

No matter which gifts you choose, we know your recipients will love their gifts and will appreciate the time you took to find such unique and personal gifts.  

And no matter how you celebrate your holidays; we wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah or whichever greeting allows you to know we wish you the very best.  

And a Happy New Year to all!!


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