Every Child is an Artist
Every Child is an Artist Every Child is an Artist Every Child is an Artist
$ 58.99 USD

Every Child Should Have Their Artwork Displayed!

These 8.5x11 Frames will make it easy for your mini artists to change out their new artwork whenever they want - these frames are reusable hundreds of times!

Vinyl decal can be removed, but not repositioned.  The frames can be repositioned as often as you'd like - just make sure they are completely smoothed down every time they are lifted up.

Choose Your Colors

Vinyl Decal can be printed in any color shown.  Frames cannot be printed with metallic options.  Make sure you tell us what colors you'd like in the "Notes" section at checkout.

High Quality

We searched high and low, in the USA and overseas, to determine a premium vinyl wall decal with manufacturer with the quality and value our Fodeez® Friends have come to expect.  We believe we found it!

We're happy to say these designs are created and manufactured here in the USA with the best vinyl available.  Our vinyl wall decals are made with a matte finish, which are designed to look as if you painted the tree directly onto the wall.

Fodeo includes a detailed step-by-step instruction set specific to your decal and a helpful installation squeegee. We even give you a Fodie cutout to practice with!

We are positive the end result will be priceless, and we are sure you will be happy with it for years to come!

PLEASE NOTE:  Some walls may require you to place 3M command strips behind the frames for them to adhere.  The strips will not be required for the vinyl decal, but may be necessary for the frames due to texture.  Please test the tape in an inconspicuous area prior to applying.


Fodeez Frames:  4 included.  8.5' x 11" clear middle image area, with 1" frame border

Vinyl Decal:  36" long x 16" tall

Extended Shipping

Due to customization, this product will ship 7-10 days after order date.