Fodeez® Notes Make Labeling Ice Cream Easy

Fodeez® Notes Make Labeling Ice Cream Easy

We were thrilled to interview Brian Albrecht of To the Moon and Back Frozen Treats, a family-run Italian ice and homemade ice cream business based in Oak Ridge, NC.  We met Brian a few months ago after he purchased Fodeez® Notes to display their ever-changing ice cream flavors. 

“We like to experiment with new flavors, and we needed a way to quickly and simply change out the flavors that looked good on our ice cream freezers,” Brian said.  “I also want people to be able to see the ice creams, and Fodeez® Notes fit our needs perfectly.”

adhesive labels for ice cream flavors

Credit Where Credit is Due

According to Brian, the real brains of the operation is his wife, Cheryl.  Cheryl started the business with a freezer cart that she moved from location to location.  “She did such a great job, and grew the business before I even got involved,” Brian, a full-time teacher, said.  “We went from a cart pulled on a trailer behind a truck to a brick and mortar location, and now we’re expanding that location.”

how to label ice cream flavors but still show ice cream

Cheryl Albrecht

Brian noted that the business thrived during Covid shutdowns.  “We were able to get to people where they were, and the ice cream seemed to provide a level of comfort much needed during such a trying time.”

to the moon and back ice cream cart with wrap

Why the Unique Name?

The true origin of the name is related to what Brian and Cheryl told their boys when they came to live with them as foster children. "We wanted to let them know just how much they were loved and adored even if they weren't with their birth parents. You see, all four of our handsome boys are adopted," Brian said. "They are now, and forever will be, loved to the moon and back!"

"And of course, we know our customers will love our Italian ice and ice-cream just as much!" he added.

to the moon and back ice cream treat

Future Growth

Are even more expansion plans in the future?  Of course!  Most entrepreneurs have a hard time maintaining the status quo, and the Albrecht family is no different.  Take a look at their website for upcoming promotions (they recently celebrated National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day) and see what they’ve got in the works. 

To learn more about Cheryl, Brian, and how they operate their business as a family, listen in to our new podcast on YouTube “Stick to What Matters.”

You Could be Featured

If you’d like to be featured in an upcoming episode, please reach out to us at  You can apply to be featured by sending in photos/video of how your business or classroom uses Fodeez® Frames along with great shots of your space in general.  Once we receive the media submission, we’ll set up a time for a quick 20-minute interview.

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