Fun Craft/Gift for Special Thanksgiving Guests

Fun Craft/Gift for Special Thanksgiving Guests

So when you're young ones arrive for Thanksgiving Dinner and are looking for something to do . . . . let them color!  And then give them a Personalized Fodeez® Frame as a gift that turns into a placemat, that turns into a game board, that turns into an artwork display - so many options!

personalized artwork gift for thanksgiving craft project

Here's How:

  1. Create a Personalized Holiday Placemat using favorite colors and names.
  2. We'll include a Thanksgiving coloring Sheet.
  3. Pass out the coloring sheets and crayons, and let your little guests ignite their creativity.
  4. Slip the artwork beneath the frame - you can leave it adhered to the liner if you'd like for guests to take home with them or adhere the frame to the solid table to keep it in place. 
  5. Gently wipe off the frame after dinner with damp soft cloth (some food may stain printed area, but clear area will wipe clean).
  6. Your guests now have a way to display their artwork once they get home!

Use Any Time

Of course, this fun craft idea can be used any time.

  • Christmas placemat
  • Hanukkah placemat
  • Birthday party placemat (makes a really great party favor!)
  • All other holidays where kids would enjoy a fun craft!


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