Organizing Schedules for Back to School

Organizing Schedules for Back to School

So we've begun the process of getting ready for the new school year . . . 

We've found that the more organized we are with our calendars, the easier it is to make additional plans and to make sure we're at all doctor, dentist, tutoring, etc. appointments that were scheduled months ago.  I don't know about you, but it's difficult to remember the August appointment that I put on the calendar back in April.

With our 8.5x11 Fodeez® Adhesive Frames it’s easy to combine the high tech function of your phone app with good old fashioned dry erase boards. I keep everything entered into my phone calendar app – I don’t want to re-write the info or re-enter the info anywhere else. At the beginning of each month, I simply print out the monthly view of what I entered into my phone, then display the print out front and center in our kitchen using a Fodeez® Adhesive Frame.

Here's a quick video to show how they work:

More Tips for Coordinating Calendar Apps

For more info and suggestions on entering appointments and such while sharing calendars with your spouse, take a look at these tips from Bright Horizons 

Dry Erase Adds Function

The capability to dry erase on top of the calendar makes it easy to add events as they arise. For most of these last minute events, I don’t even bother entering the info into my phone.

Parties, family dinners, etc. are special occasions I look forward to and will most likely remember. Seeing the occasion each morning when I reach into the fridge to grab cream for my coffee, however, makes it even more likely my family and I will arrive on time at right place.

Easy to Change Out

When a month ends, it’s very quick and simple to print out the next month’s events, and slip it behind the frame that’s already on my refrigerator. I wipe off the old dry erase info, and then we have a clean safe to plan the next month.

 If the dry erase marks tend to be a bit stubborn, a quick dab of hand sanitizer on a paper towel will wipe away the old marks. Be careful to avoid the printed frame area when wiping so that you don’t wipe off any of the frame printing. Also, dry erase marks on the frame area will become permanent, so you’ll want to avoid writing on the frame area as well.


Of course, you need to make sure your Fodeez® Adhesive Frame is always smoothed down whenever you change out a calendar, photo or anything else you may want to place behind the frame to display.

 By smoothing down all edges, you’ve basically created a “seal” to prevent air from reaching the adhesive and drying it out. Even small “lifts” along the frame area will expose the adhesive and eventually cause the air to seep into all areas of the frame. Trust me, when I was first testing material, I had frames hung all over our house. My husband jokes that hearing a frame drop on the floor in the middle of the night was just enough to keep me awake for hours!


Here's a photo of the motivational saying I framed for my daughter in my last post.  She conveniently hung it on the wall between her closets so that she sees it each day while getting dressed.  Nice!

Inspirational sayings can be found all over the internet.  Some of our favorite spots are and


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