Meet Lauren - Our New Marketing Coordinator

Meet Lauren - Our New Marketing Coordinator

Lauren Bukovac, our Marketing Coordinator that started working with us about a month ago,  is a busy wife and mom of two kids - Anna, age 10 and John, age 8. Toss in a new mini Australian labradoodle pup named Sully, and you've got a busy household. 

A Positive Outlook

Between sports, theater rehearsals, dinners and bed time, Lauren realized she needed to fit in the important things like positivity and love. In fact, Lauren was the inspiration for our new line of bright-colored Positive Notes. Created with her kids in mind, she offered suggestions on what would help spread positivy and love throughout her crazy days. "As moms, we do the best we can and these little notes help remind me to say 'I love you' and 'I believe in you.'"
bright positive peel and stick dry erase notes to encourage kids and end bullying

Pen to Paper Makes a Difference

Lauren and husband Dave are big fans of "Bring back the pen" and do what they can to encourage their kids to write as often as possible vs. tapping away on iPads and keyboards.  "I think there's a very strong connection to creativity and invention when one holds a pen, pencil, marker, crayon or brush in hand and let's inspiration flow from brain to hand," she adds.  "So much of what kids do today takes away that element of creating something with their bare hands."

Staying Active 

Of course, a healthy body also contributes to a healthy mind.  In addition to tossing around marketing ideas and building awareness of our handy little products, Lauren teaches yoga 2 days per week, enjoys running, reading and family dinners.  She has served as the Treasurer of the PTO at Anna and John's elementary school, but this year has decided to chair the Grandparents' Night for the school.

Quick Shopping List Solution

grocery list inside cabinet using peel and stick dry erase photo frame for non magnetic stainless steel

Due to her busy schedule, Lauren appreciates the convenience of having her grocery shopping list on her phone. 

Our Classic Collection of Fodeez Frames makes this so easy to accomplish! 

  1. Simply jot down items as needed onto the frame using our ultra-fine dry erase marker.  
  2. Snap a photo of the frame (Lauren keeps hers inside the kitchen cabinet closest to the fridge).
  3. Complete your shopping using your list on your phone.
  4. Delete the old list and wipe away your frame, and you're ready to go for the next round of family grocery requests!

A writer too!

So don't be surprised if you see future blog posts with Lauren as the contributing writer!  We're finding many ways to put Lauren's skills and talents to use, which ultimately adds to the benefits we can offer you.

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