Keeping Your Kitchen and Your Family Organized

Keeping Your Kitchen and Your Family Organized

With the kitchen being the central hub of the home, it's easy to understand how it might gradually become disorganized if we're not careful. With people constantly streaming in and out throughout the day, the kitchen can also be used as the central command center to communicate important messages to all family members via visual reminders.

Fodeez® Dry Erase Adhesive Frames make this task even more achievable through their simple, self-stick application. Available in a variety of different styles ranging from Shabby Chic to Bright and Cheery, these unique decals are sure to add a special flare no matter how you choose to use them. Below are just a few of our suggestions to help keep the kitchen, and more importantly - your family - organized.


Having trouble figuring out what to make for dinner every night? Fodeez Frames are here to help. We suggest printing out a dinner menu template of your choice (see our personal favorites at and planning a weekly dinner menu at the beginning of each week. Because our easy peel adhesive frames are dry-erase safe, the only work you have to do is simply slipping your template behind the clear cover.

Next, fill out your family’s ideal menu options and voila! No more unnecessary stressing over what to make all week. By mapping out your ideal dinner menu for the week, this also ensures and encourages you to diversify your dinner palette by expanding your options.


Equipping yourself with a grocery list is essential for optimizing your shopping time and maintaining a reasonable budget. Paired with the Weekly Dinner Menu, a Fodeez Grocery List acts as a visual reminder of what ingredients are necessary for upcoming meals.

By placing your Fodeez Grocery List in a prime location like the refrigerator or a cabinet door, every member of the household is given a voice to communicate what snacks and grocery items they find needed. For those craving less visibility, our Fodeez Adhesive Dry Erase Frames also come in smaller sizes that fit the insides of cupboard doors as well.


Hammering down a set schedule can be a difficult task for any family to achieve, especially if you’re constantly playing taxi driver to your kids. Whether you're juggling work schedules, sports practices, play rehearsals, or fun weekend activities, Fodeez Self-Stick Frames are here to help organize and perfect your schedule in order to make your life just a little bit easier.

Similar to the Fodeez Weekly Dinner Menu and the Fodeez Grocery List, we recommend slipping a blank monthly calendar behind an 8.5x11” frame and adorning it on the side of the refrigerator. If your child has a monthly school calendar, we highly recommend using this since it is likely to come already filled out with the month’s school events and activities, saving you more time and energy! Next, we recommend that you and your partner fill out your weekly work schedules and contact information. The kids’ school and practice hours come next, this way you know exactly who is where and what time they will be home. If you’re particularly concerned about your child’s academic grades, you can also include upcoming exam dates and study sessions. Color code your new Fodeez Family Calendar at your leisure!


Are you a checklist queen that enjoys conquering to-do lists? If so, then the Fodeez Chore Chart is just for you! Maintain your home and keep your family on task with a printable template behind one of our beautiful adhesive frames. Placed in a highly visible location like a kitchen door or the side of the refrigerator, your kids will have no more excuses for not completing their chores. We highly recommend heading over to since they provide age appropriate chores for ages 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, and 10-11. As the blog explains, each new batch of chores builds off of the former in order to develop good habits. Providing your children with a daily chore chart is particularly important because it enables them to manage their responsibilities and sets them up for big and small successes. Not only does this teach them that they are capable of helping themselves around the house, but it also discredits the idea that they need a parent to do everything for them.


Leaving your child home alone with a new babysitter can be particularly nerve-racking for any parent the first couple of times. In order to set your worries at ease, we recommend using one of our adhesive frames to equip your babysitter with all the necessary information they need to adequately care for your child. Whether it’s including emergency contact information, morning/night routines, eating schedules, or ideal activity time, there is no such thing as too much information. In addition, it is imperative to include all of your child’s allergies, medications, and health issues. If your child is still in their toddler years, it is also a good idea to include their eating schedule so that your babysitter can track their history while you are away. By using Fodeez Babysitting Notes, you ensure a good time for both you and your child while you are away.


Are you guilty of frequently misplacing invitations to important upcoming events? Fodeez Adhesive Dry Erase Frames eliminate this issue by providing you with a creative means of displaying them loud and proud.

Not only will our frames act as a reminder for your timely response, they will also give decorative flare to your kitchen area. Around holiday season, they can also be used to display holiday greeting cards.


Looking for even more organizational ideas, tips, and tricks for optimizing your kitchen space? Consider using our Fodeez Dry Erase Frames for the following uses: container labels, motivational quotes, emergency contact information list, etc. Have more ideas, questions, or concerns? Share them in the comments below!

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I can put photos of my grandson on our stainless steel refrigerator! There’s a lot of ways to use fodeez products but photos on the fridge are the best. Great product & fun name. I will purchase some for my son to put on his. Thanks fodeez

Elizabeth Lembesis

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