Easter Basket Stuffer / Filler Gift Guide

Easter Basket Stuffer / Filler Gift Guide

Easter Basket Fillers for Kids

With Easter just around the corner, we're sure you're on the hunt for cute Easter Basket stuffers your kids will love! Our colorable dry erase picture frames are the ideal Easter gift for kids over the age of 3.

Easter basket fillers and stuffers for easter gifts

With 2 different design options available, your kids will enjoy hours of coloring fun - especially since they can color, erase, then color again!

Neon Dry Erase Marker Option

Each coloring set comes with 4 dry erase markers. The neon set includes 3 patterns in geometric shapes for your creative little artist to color and re-color.

Geo patterned peel and stick reusable colorable dry erase adhesive picture frames for easter basket fillers

Our neon set includes pink, yellow, light green and light blue markers that you can also buy separately if you need more for just $3.99. 

Primary Colored Dry Erase Markers for Easter Baskets

Our set of primary-colored dry erase markers and colorable adhesive frame packages includes fun characters such as owls and "monsters." This package includes red, light blue, dark blue and light green dry erase markers that can be purchase separately for just $3.99.

Colorable reusable adhesive dry erase picture frames with dry erase markers for Easter Basket stuffers

Dry Erase Markers with Ultra Fine and Broad Tips

Our dry erase markers aren't just your standard markers! We searched high and low for the best markers that have both an ultra fine tip as well as a broad tip for extra-coloring options.

ultra fine and broad tip dry erase markers for easter basket fillers 

You can purchase all 6 colors of our dry erase markers for just $5.99.

dry erase markers for easter basket fillers


So Many Uses for these Fun Easter Basket Fillers!

Your kids will find so many ways to use their new colorable adhesive picture frames!

peel and stick reusable adhesive dry erase picture frame for locker decoration and easter basket stuffer

Use these adhesive frames as locker decorations!

dry erase easter basekt stuffers to decorate notebooks

Use the adhesive frames to decorate notebooks and any other smooth surface - they're reusable and can be moved around!

dry erase reusable picture frames that can be colored for easter basket filler

Great to decorate doors and smooth walls

personalized easter basket gift

Label / Personalize storage areas

laptop and ipad skins for easter basket gifts


Can be used as personalized laptop skin and iPad skin

Adult-themed Colorable Adhesive Frames

For the adult coloring enthusiast, we have some Easter gifts for you as well! These beautifully designed patterns are licensed from Blue Star Coloring - designers of the best-selling coloring book on Amazon during 2016.

Choose from 3 different patterns with flower and geometric themes.

Adult colorable letter-size peel and stick dry erase picture frame


Colorable Adhesive Notes (a fun new twist to stickers!)

You know how kids love stickers!!!  We just added a new product, just in time for the Easter fun!  These little adhesive notes (just $3.49 for 3!) can be colored and re-colored, plus they're small enough to fit just about anywhere your child may want to add a bit of Easter fun! 

Easter basket gifts dry erase adhesive note

Easter-Themed Peel & Stick Picture Frames

The clear middle area of our Easter-Themed Fodeez® Dry Erase Adhesive Frames can be colored and re-colored, but these pretty spring designs will brighten up any kitchen or bedroom. You'll find these cheery patterns available in packages of 5 size 4x6 for just $14.99.

Easter themed peel and stick reusable adhesive dry erase picture frames for easter basket stuffers





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