Create a Family Tree Wall Display

Create a Family Tree Wall Display

We've had so many requests for information on how to create a Family Tree Wall Display that I wanted to post a quick and short tutorial on how one of our creative customers, Dawn Phenix, made this beautiful Family Tree Wall Art.

Materials you will need:

Family photos in a variety of sizes - the various sizes will create a more interesting display than if the photos are all the same size.

Fodeez® Frames - we suggest a classic solid black or bevel so that the photos stand out.

Double-sided tape - Dawn found that her textured wall needed a little help to hold our frames.  

Tree wall art - 


As I worked on this post, I realized it would be really great to create our own Fodeez® Family Tree package . . . so that's what we're gonna do!

Please stay tuned and watch for info about our new product once it's ready to go - hopefully, in just a week or two.


Update! 9/19/18

It's been a long search, and we've talked to many vendors!  We want to make sure we are offering the highest quality and value to our loyal customers.  We've identified the best vendor (still Made in USA!), and are just working out final details.  If you haven't already subscribed to our email newsletter, you're going to want to ASAP!! We've got some wonderful new products in the works!  

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I want one or two sets

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