5 Simple Ways to Showcase Your Child's Creativity Using Fodeez® Frames

5 Simple Ways to Showcase Your Child's Creativity Using Fodeez® Frames

Kids love drawing, painting and pretty much just creating! How do you encourage kids to keep creating?  Show off their masterpieces!

1)  Front and center on the fridge.  Everyone passes through the kitchen, and it's the most used room in the house.  There's no better place to display a new drawing or painting than right where all can see. Kind of like a magnet for stainless steel!










2)  Allow kids to personalize the door to their bedroom or even dressers, closet doors or other areas of their room. 

peel and stick reusable adhesive wall decals to decorate rooms with childrens artwork









3)  Encourage kids to create works of art to give as gifts.  Artwork can easily be "packaged" in a Fodeez® Frame and given to the recipient - Grandma, for instance.  Not only does the "package" protect the drawing, but it can also be used to display the artwork in Grandma's home.















4)  Personalize electronics.  Smaller works of art can be adhered to iPads or laptop computers. The frames can be decorated as well with rhinestones and other stick on garnishments.











5)  Dry erase on a Fodeez® Frame over and over again. These adhesive frames can help keep your child occupied for hours by allowing them to create, erase and then create again.  Place one on the fridge or cabinet in the kitchen, and your little artist can keep you company during meal prep.

peel and stick reusable adhesive dry erase boards for childrens artwork



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