8.5 x 11 Dry Erase Adhesive Frames for Medical Facilities

8.5 x 11 Dry Erase Adhesive Frames for Medical Facilities

$ 24.99
Dry Erase Reusable Adhesive Sign Holders
  • Reusable. These self-stick frames work on all SMOOTH surfaces and can be re-used hundreds of times.
  • Highly Effective. These reusable adhesive sign holders are cost effective and easy to use.
  • Durable.  Our peel and stick reusable display frames can be used again and again.  As long as the adhesive isn't exposed to air or allowed to become dirty, the frame can be re-used hundreds of times.
  • Weatherproof. These flexible sign frames mount to windows, inside or outside, and are made of lightweight polypropylene.
  • Many Unique Uses.  These adhesive picture labels can be used as laptop skins, iPad skins and used on any smooth surface. 
  • Dry Erase.  The dry erase feature makes these adhesive frames your go-to option for reusable checklists.
  • Customizable.  We print digitally, so all frames can be fully customized for maximum impact.  To order customized frames for the healthcare industry, click here
  • Affordable. The small price for these labels will go a long way to lower signage costs and decrease labor time.
  • Free Shipping & Fast Delivery. Most orders ship within 48 hours. Orders over $25 will ship for free.
  • For more details, take a look at our Hospital and Medical Facility Blog Post.
What They Are
  • High quality peel and stick reusable adhesive frames

  • Won't damage surface

  • Reusable hundreds of times

  • Little to no residue (any residue easily wipes away with rubbing alcohol)

  • Clear film in the middle protects photos and works as dry erase board

  • Quick and easy to use - change out signs / messages within seconds

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee - no questions asked if returned within 30 days.  But we know you'll love them!
Organize Employee Postings and Other Required Postings

If a picture is "worth a thousand words," these two images should provide enough proof as to why our self-stick reusable adhesive dry erase frames are your first choice in keeping your postings clean and organized! 

Here's the "Before" image of a large white board at a prominent Eye and Ear Clinic:

messy hospital display board before fodeez adhesive dry erase frames

Now here's the "After" of the same board, but cleaned up using Fodeez® Dry Erase Adhesive Display Frames:

clean and organized white board using fodeez reusable adhesive dry erase frames

Clean and Organized Signage for Reception/Welcome Desks

Make a great first impression with our clean and neat self-stick sign holders.  If your message changes, the cost to change your sign is minimal - simply print out a new sheet of paper with the updated message.  No need for increased costs and hassle of laminating paper or using tacky-looking tape.

peel and stick reusable adhesive sign holder for medical reception desk

Save Paper While Re-Using Checklists

By using our self-stick display frames as dry erase boards, you are able to use one piece of paper to accomplish what would have required multiple printouts of the same document.

Take a look at how our display frames make checklists reusable:



Display Pictures and Artwork in a Child's Hospital Room

We know we can't cure them, but we hope we can make an extended hospital stay just a little less scary for young children. These reusable adhesive self-stick frames can be used to post photos of mom and dad, the family pet, best friends, and artwork around a hospital room to make it seem a little more like home.

peel and stick reusable adhesive picture frame for childrens hospital room

Self-Stick Sign Holders for Doors, Windows and Even Medical Equipment

Medical facilities have so many different signs and messages that need to be posted on doors, windows, equipment, etc.  These reusable dry erase sign displays are the quickest and most cost effective method to display signs on any smooth surface. Changing out signs only takes seconds, and the cost is mere pennies for a new sheet of printed paper.


Staff Only hospital and medical facility sign on door


Staff Only hospital and medical facility sign on door peel and stick reusable adhesive sign display

Reusable Adhesive Signage for Hospital Cafeterias

Quickly change out pricing on self-service refrigerators when necessary. These 4" x 6" frames are the perfect size to display pricing without covering up too much of the product.

self-stick signage for self service cafe and cafeteria refrigerators

Display menu offerings by simply changing out pieces of paper.  Our self-adhesive 2'" x 3"dry erase display frames are just the right size for labeling food.

Dry erase reusable adhesive food display labelers

Other Patterns

Don't see a pattern you like, browse our other patterns and colors.

Looking for Specific Size?

You can shop by size to find just what you're looking for.

  • Clear Display Area Dimensions:  8.5" x 11"

  • Actual Fodeez® Frame Dimensions:  10.5" x 13"

Please Read Carefully Before You Buy

Fodeez® Adhesive Frames are designed for long-lasting use.  To help maintain their lifetime, follow these instructions:

  • Surface must be clean, smooth and free of wax build up.

  • Frames will not adhere to textured surface, only smooth and flat surfaces such as solid wood cabinets, stainless steel, glass, laptop computers, iPads, etc.

  • Do NOT cover any of the adhesive.  If the adhesive is covered, the frame can not adhere to the surface.

  • Keep frames smoothed down.  Allowing any air to get behind the frame will cause it to eventually dry out.