Why We're Better than the Competition

Fodeez® Frames are unlike anything on the market. 

Here's what they're NOT:

  • Fodeez® Frames are NOT magnets.
  • Fodeez® Frames are NOT a sticker with a hole cut in the middle.
  • Fodeez® Frames are NOT a 1-time use product.

Here's what Fodeez® Frames are:

  • Highly innovative solution for peel and stick adhesive display / photo / picture frames.
  • A lightweight adhesive (like a sticky note) under the FRAME AREA ONLY makes our adhesive frames unique.
  • Your photos, signs or messages are protected by a CLEAR FILM.
  • Reusable hundreds of times.  The only way your Fodeez Adhesive Frame will dry out is if the adhesive is exposed to air or the adhesive gets dirty (dropped on the floor or ground).  If it's always smoothed down on a solid surface, your Fodeez Frame will last a lllllloooonnnnngggggg time!

Plus, Fodeez® peel and stick picture frames can be customized.  This customization allows us to print as few or as many of one design as we want.  Think of custom Fodeez® Frames to:

  • Promote Your Business - lightweight and cost effective to mail or ship.
  • Announce your baby's arrival - birth announcement recipients will be able to display your new baby's picture as he or she grows.  Simply swap out the newborn photo for a new milestone or "just a cute moment" as they occur.
  • Use as "Thank You" notes after children's birthday parties.  It's so fun to take a photo with the birthday child and each guest, then mail the Fodeez Frame (with the individual picture inserted) to the party attendees.