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Fodeez® Frames Designs - Simple and Classic to Elegant, Fun and Trendy

Fodeez® Frames - peel and stick reusable adhesive picture frames - are available in hundreds of designs.  Don't see what you're looking for?  Contact us at, and we'd be happy to talk about a custom design.

Completely Customized! 
For the most personal Fodeez® Frames experience, go customized! The frame area can be completely customized with any design, text and color.  We digitally print, so you can create whatever you'd like!


These simple designs are by far our best sellers. 

Solid Fodeez® Frames:  Available in many different colors, the solid Fodeez® Frames display photos and pictures without detracting from the image.  Use these solid colors to:

  • Frame pictures and children's art work on stainless steel refrigerators and other appliances.
  • Display signs and messages in offices, businesses or anywhere else where the message is more important than the messenger.
  • Use as a dry erase board for dorm room doors, office walls and even counter mats in a retail business.

Bright & Cheery  

These colorful polka dots, stripes, chevrons and other spring-like patterns and colors will brighten up any photo or picture you choose to frame.  Or for added fun, simply add one of these self-stick picture frames to any smooth surface for an instant dry erase board.


Family Schedulers   

Our schedulers combine the ease of entering events into a phone or computer app with the simplicity of a traditional wall calendar.





Shabby Chic 

While not exactly "distressed" or "heavily painted," these easy-going patterns fit any decor while adding just a touch of retro nostalgia. 








Soft pastels, sweet polka dots and sugary stripes adorn these beautifully celebratory baby picture frames and new birth announcements.




From Valentine's Day, through Christmas and Hanukkah . . . . we've got your holidays decorating needs covered!