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Be a hit with your team - 50% of sales go to Pekin Gamers

When you use code Gamers at checkout, we'll give the Pekin Gamers  50% of the product cost.  Team proceeds do not include shipping costs.

Organize Busy Family Schedules

Fodeez Peel and Stick Reusable Picture Frames are the most effective tool on the market to keep your family schedules (such as game and practice schedules!)  organized while looking clean and clutter-free. 
And if everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there, you'll have more time for the fun stuff - like playing in leaves or going to the beach!

Use Them Where You Need Them Most - the Kitchen!

Our self-stick adhesive frames work on stainless steel and wood without causing damage.  So that nice new fridge you have can display everything that matters to you without looking like your mom's old fridge that was covered with magnets.

Self stick reusable family menu planner

Many Patterns and Sizes Available

Of course, we have your  Team Colors and Mascot but we also have designer patterns to match your home's decor.  If you like your photo frames to be simple, we have our Classic Designs that won't clash with your photo or kids' artwork.
Choose "Shop by Theme" from our "Shop" menu above to select an option that fits your family's needs.