Let Us Help You Pack - College Checklist

packing list for college freshman first time dorm decorating

Leaving home for the first time can be nerve-wracking - for both parents and students!

We hope this handy checklist gives you a head start on shopping and packing what you will need to begin a successful college career!

And if you think of something we left off, please email us at info@fodeez.com so we can add to the list and help others.

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College Checklist

Keep the Checklist Visible

peel and stick reusable adhesive dry erase board for college dorm room

You can easily post your checklist on a closet door or other visible smooth surface while you pack.  Simply purchase a set of Fodeez® Frames like the Agate Collection shown above.  When you're ready to leave for college, take down your Fodeez® Frame, place it back on the liner, and take it with you!

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