In the Workplace

So Many Adhesive Signage Possibilities

There are so many ways these handy little self-stick adhesive sign holders can make your life easier, more productive, save money and increase sales . . . it's probably best to start with a description of how they can be used.  For case studies on how solid-color Fodeez® Frames from our Classic Collection are being used in a variety of industries, click here.

Custom Self-Stick Sign Holders in Bulk

To learn more about our custom options, click here.

Clean Up and Organize Postings - Eliminate Laminated Paper


These images sum up how our solid black 8.5 x 11 frames can quickly and easily clean up employee postings, schedules, and all other highly-valued documents that you don't want lost amongst the piles.

Exterior Signs:  Hours, Please Use Other Door, Restaurant Menus, etc.

It's amazing to us how our simple and easy-to-use frames can save you time, save you money, and increase your sales by showcasing the messages your customers need to see.  

As long as they are smoothed down, Fodeez® Frames are completely weather proof and water-resistant.  Use them on the outside of your store front to keep your customers informed and to show them you're ready for business.

Need to change the sign?  No problem!  Simply print out a new sheet of paper and slip it behind the Fodeez® Frame. 


The dry erase-friendly function of Fodeez® Frames make these your go-to product for all checklists.  Opening and closing procedures repeated daily?  Safety procedures completed on a routine basis?  

Employees can check off their actions as they complete their work, then erase at the end of the day for re-use the next day.

Display Certificates

Every business has something that must be posted:  business licenses, certifications, inspections, etc.  Quickly display these certificates and licenses with stock designs or customize to fit your brand.

Promotional Giveaway

Sponsoring a special event or exhibiting at a trade show?  Fodeez® Frames are your best option for a giveaway to keep your brand in front of your customers and potential customers.

Why Fodeez® Frames as a giveaway?

  • Custom Branding:  We can print any message on the frame area.  No color limits, no image limits.
  • Highly Visible:  Because the end user will use the Fodeez® Frame to display their personal photos, your brand will always be front and center where they can see it.  Everyone likes to see photos of their kids, their dogs or their favorite vacation spot. And your brand will be right along side what's most important to them.
  • Durable:  Fodeez® Frames are almost indestructible, which means your message will be around for a very long time!
  • Reusable Hundreds of Times:  The adhesive we use will not dry out as long as the frame is adhered to a smooth surface.  Expose the adhesive to air, get the adhesive dirty, or cover up the adhesive with a photo too big for the clear image area (yes, some rocket scientists have actually done this!), and the frame won't stick.  Other than that, your Fodeez® Frames are designed to withstand hundreds of uses.
  • Easy to Ship:  Because they are compact and lightweight, your shipping costs will be minimal as you go from event to event.  Plus, they're easy to store at your booth.
  • Low Cost:  Yes, we're supposed to use the word "affordable".  But, really, Fodeez® Frames are the best value for your money when it comes to a product to help keep your brand highly visible and recognizable.  Hands down, there's nothing else that will accomplish the same goal for the same price.