In the Home


Save Time, Get Rid of Panic & Give Your Kids a Hug!

You've got kids.  They have schedules. They have achievements. Plus, they're just so darned cute!

Family Pictures Make a House a Home

Fodeez® Frames grew out of a mom's desire to add comfort and homeyness (is that a word?) to a newly built house.  To us, a house is not a home until you add family photos and other personal touches.


But stainless steel and wood panel refrigerators robbed us of our ability to use magnets to post pictures, artwork, party invitations and all of the other things we need to remind us of what's going on in our lives.

Get Organized - It's Easy!

Fodeez® Frames self-stick frame products take the chaos out of life's "busy"ness and restore the calm and peace of home.

Take a look, and then let us know which products helped you most!

Display Frames:  Our original product to showcase family photos and life's little (and big) accomplishments.

Family Schedulers:  Quickly becoming our favorite product to keep everyone organized and on time.  Wouldn't it be great to arrive a couple of minutes early to a baseball practice?  No more running out the door at the last minute!

Chore Charts:  So cute they make doing chores fun! Your little darlings can mark off their daily chores - makes them feel proud and happy to have accomplished their tasks.