Are Fodeez® Frames magnets?

No. Fodeez® Frames are held in place by reusable, repositionable adhesive. The adhesive is only under the frame area, not in the clear area where your photo or sign show through the Fodeez® Frame overlay. How many times can Fodeez® Frames be used? As many times as you'd like! The only way Fodeez® Frames will not stick to a smooth, clean surface is if they are left exposed to air (keep them smoothed onto the surface) or they get dirty (they don't really like dog hair).

Will Fodeez Frames damage my walls?

No, if the surface is smooth and solid. Please test on overly dry paint surfaces or paper-covered surfaces. If the paint wasn't adhered well to the wall or the wallpaper wasn't adhered well, Fodeez® Frames (or any adhesive) could cause the paint or paper to lift off. Fodeo is not responsible for damage caused on these surfaces, so please test before adhering.

Can Fodeez® Frames be customized?

Yes - we love creating customized Fodeez® Frames for special occasions. For more info, click here.

My new Fodeez® Frames won't stick. What happened?

a) Is your photo too large for the Fodeez® Frames image area? For instance, you can not use a 5x7 photo in a 4x6 Fodeez® Frame. This use doesn't allow enough adhesive for the frame to stick to the surface. b) Is your wall textured? A textured wall doesn't allow enough surface for a Fodeez® Frame to grab hold. Plus, the raised portion of the texture will allow air to reach the adhesive, causing the adhesive to eventually dry out. c) If you're applying to wood, did you clean the wood with a waxed-based cleaner? If so, the wax base acts as a buffer between the surface and the adhesive. You must clean off the wax build up before applying your Fodeez® Frames.

I have some Fodeez® Frames that I let get exposed to air, and they have stopped adhering. How can I get them to stick again?

Dampen a cloth and wipe down the surface before re-applying the Fodeez® Frame. Place the Fodeez® Frame on the damp (not wet) surface. Several customers have told us this little trick works, and we hope it works well for you also.

A quick tip:

When changing out photos, remember to smooth down the entire Fodeez® Frame. If even a little bit is lifted, air will seep under the surface and start to dry out the adhesive. The seeping will continue across the surface until the Fodeez® Frame is no longer "sticky."


There is a little residue on the surface where the Fodeez® Frame was placed. How do I clean this off?

We've discovered that hand sanitizer (any brand) is an amazing little cleaner. Simply pour some hand sanitizer onto a clean tissue or cloth and wipe away any residue. The handy cleaner (pun intended!) also works well for cleaning off dry erase marker from the image area that may have been there for a while.