Why So Many Adhesive Options?

Why So Many Adhesive Options?

Woo hoo! - we have three different types of adhesive, and we want to make sure you choose the product that will fit your needs.

How to Use Fodeez Dry Erase Adhesive Frames within Your Business

Adhesive for Walls and Other Textured Surfaces

Our Fodeez® Frames for Walls are ideal for use on textured surfaces. They work great on all types of drywall:  smooth finish, orange peel and even cinder block.  The peel and stick reusable adhesive frames allow you to easily lift up a corner and place a calendar, photo or other document behind the clear image area.

Businesses:  So Many Uses to Upscale Your Messaging

C'mon, guys ... why would you ever again tape a customer or employee message to a wall when our Fodeez Adhesive Frames look so much nicer? Our peel and stick frames as sign holders can be used again and again and again to keep your business rolling along.

Need to let customers know about your coffee free refill policy within your cafe? Place a Fodeez Frame on the wall with your message behind. If your policy changes, simply print out a new document, remove the old document and replace with the new message. It really is that simple to keep up to date and stay neatly organized.

Employee Schedule Changes Made Easy

Many employers have switched to scheduling apps to let their staff know when they are needed.  For some, though, a schedule posted at the workplace that is clearly visible is highly effective.  You can post a schedule, and then make changes when you use a Fodeez Adhesive Dry Erase Frame.  Yes - all of our frames have the dry erase feature our customers have come to love! At the end of the week or month, simply print a new schedule, swap out the old for the new and wipe off the dry erase markings, and you're good to go again.


Reverse Print for Store Front Windows

When you have messages you want customers outside your business to see as they walk or drive by, use our Reverse Print Fodeez Frames for Storefronts. These reusable sign holders for windows are an amazing addition to our product line! We are so excited about this new application that will make it so easy to keep store fronts clean and organized while communicating store hours, restaurant menus, sales and other promotions to draw in your customers.

starbucks closed sign using fodeez adhesive reverse print frames for inside store fronts

Smooth Surfaces Require a More Delicate Adhesive

We've tested, tested again, and then tested some more. Walls require an adhesive that is a little more aggressive to hold when texture is involved.  For smooth surfaces, though, we need an adhesive that is friendly and easy to remove from stainless steel, glass, whiteboards, etc. without leaving a pile of messy residue. 

When you're placing messages and signs on surfaces without texture, you'll want to use our Fodeez Dry Erase Adhesive Frames for Smooth Surfaces. These reusable adhesive frames are amazing time saver if you need to scan UPC codes for replenishing stock .... we got this idea from our local Starbucks.  Think about how many milk items they order on a daily basis. They used to have a notebook with plastic page holders to secure their UPC codes. With Fodeez Frames, though, they display the UPC codes on their stainless steel fridges, then simply scan the codes right there without having to flip through pages.

starbucks milk order using fodeez adhesive sign holders frames

 The bottom line .... there so many uses and applications for our handy little items.  We like to say that Fodeez Adhesive Display Frames are the product you didn't know you needed until you found out it existed!


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