Why Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames Are Manufactured in the United States

Why Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames Are Manufactured in the United States

We believe strongly in the strength and resiliency of manufacturing in the United States, and here are a few of the main reasons we proudly rely on our USA manufacturers:

Quality Is Our Priority

For such a simple product, manufacturing Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames was a challenge.  The fact that the frames only use adhesive under the frame border meant that we had to find the right manufacturer with very specialized equipment to ensure every single frame meets our high quality standards.  Without the right equipment, adhesive could run into the clear image area, the adhesive could separate from the frame and leave messy residue on the surface, or the frame may not release cleanly from liner.  It's these little details that make our products your best choice for displaying signs, messages, calendars, etc. every time you use them.

It Took Many, Many Years to Find Reliable Manufacturing

I like to joke that at some point when you can't sleep, call me and I'll tell you everything I learned about adhesives.  Yes, it's that much and that boring!  But I had to learn about adhesives in order to create a product I would be proud to put our name on. 

I remember at one point when my son Tommy was about 8 years old (he was born in 2000, so you can do the math), he was sitting at our kitchen island eating breakfast.  I had been talking to a potential manufacturer for about 30 minutes in our dining room.  I finished the conversation and walked back into our kitchen where my husband was sitting with Tommy.  I looked at them both and said, "Well, this guy says he can make them."

Tommy looked up from his cereal and commented, "Mom, didn't the last guy tell you that?"

Yes, there were many that told me they could make them.  So far, we have two reliable U.S. manufacturers that make them with the high quality we expect and on-time delivery.

Tommy showing off one of his 8-year-old skills

We Believe We Should Contribute to the U.S. Economy

Because Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames are manufactured domestically, we create jobs and stimulate economic growth within local communities. This contributes to the overall GDP and enhances living standards.  We'd much rather help out a fellow laborer in the US rather than send that income overseas.

Manufacturing At Home Keeps Us on the Cutting Edge

Manufacturing Fodeez® Frames in the U.S. allows the company to integrate the latest technological advancements and innovative practices in our production process, ensuring cutting-edge products.  Plus, the shorter lead time from order to delivery allows us to more quickly bring in new designs and enhanced products, along with a short lead time for custom Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames.

We're Not Dependent On Global Happenings

Domestic manufacturing of Fodeez® Frames ensures a more resilient supply chain, capable of withstanding global disruptions and maintaining consistent product availability.

Bottom Line - We're Here for You Long Term

For Fodeo and its Fodeez® Reusable Adhesive Frames, manufacturing in the U.S. ensures high-quality products that meet stringent standards, support the local economy, and promote sustainable practices. This commitment to domestic production not only aligns with our values but also ensures reliable and innovative products for our customers.

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