RV Photo Frames: Peel and Stick Picture Frames for People on the Go

RV Photo Frames: Peel and Stick Picture Frames for People on the Go

Self stick picture frames for RVs

Traveling in your motorhome or trailer doesn’t mean you can’t have all of the comforts of home. With our patent-pending Fodeez® Frames, you can quickly and easily display pictures on any smooth surface within your rig.

Imagine stopping in at a new campground or resort and making new friends. When you invite these new friends in for a snack or a drink, they’ll see how warm and cozy your home away from home is while admiring the great photos of your grandchildren, pets or the landscape pictures of the places you’ve visited.

Strong and Sturdy

These adhesive RV picture frames are made of durable polypropylene and can be used again and again. As long as you smooth them down to keep air away from the adhesive, these self-stick RV photo frames will last for years.

Here’s how they work:

  1. Smooth down the RV photo frame onto any smooth surface.
  2. Lift up one corner of the frame.
  3. Slide your photo beneath the RV picture frame.
  4. Smooth the adhesive frame down on top of the photo.

Dry Erase

For added functionality, you can write on the clear middle area of the RV picture frame with a dry erase marker. This feature makes our RV photo frames even more handy by allowing you to display checklists for getting your RV ready to go on a trip or packing up when you’re ready to leave camp. The dry erase function is also great for displaying calendars to stay on top of upcoming events.

reusable adhesive RV photo frame dry erase board

Multiple Grandkids? Show them All

Our Fodeez Notes with a 2” x 3” photo window are the perfect peel and stick RV picture frame for hanging all of the wallet-sized photos of your grandchildren. You can fit all of their smiling faces within a small space and easily update the photos when you receive new ones.

Reusable adhesive RV photo frames

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