Motivating a Teenager

Motivating a Teenager

My 14-year-old daughter, Abbie, is amazing.  Full of heart and the confusion of navigating adolescence, she has her moments, but she is truly a gift.  She recently came across this quote:

"An entire sea of water can't sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship.  Similarly, the negativity of the world can't put you down unless you allow it to get inside you." 

She felt compelled enough by this quote that she texted it to our family group text "Moody Squad."  Of course, her 16-year-old brother and 12-year-old sister failed to acknowledge the message, but I want to let her know I heard her.  I quickly texted back that I like the quote as well, but I'm going to take it one step further.

The background screen on her phone shows this really cute pink geometric pattern.


So my plan is to take the print, apply it to an 8.5 x 11 Fodeez® Frame, and then print out both the frame and the saying for her to display in her room.

The completed gift will look something like this:

I'll update this post once the gift has been created and given to my maturing young woman.

Stay tuned for her reaction . . . .



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