Heroes with Heart - Bringing Smiles and Hope to Children with Life-Threatening Illnesss

Heroes with Heart - Bringing Smiles and Hope to Children with Life-Threatening Illnesss

Heroes with Heart is an Illinois children's charity that brings hope, joy and adventure to children suffering from a major or life-threatening illness.  The hearts behind the Heroes theme believe that capes and masks can help summon extra strength and courage these kids need to tackle their illnesses.  And if strength and courage can be delivered in a well-meaning package of fun goodies .... well that's even better!  

Volunteers with Heart

Heroes with heart gift donations at Lurie Children's Hospital in chicago

A few years ago, Bob Severns and husband Paul Besch worked with fellow volunteers at a large charity event to help sick children.  While they thoroughly enjoyed their volunteer and fundraising efforts for the charity, many agreed that they'd like to do more on a regular basis as opposed to a once a year effort.  Fellow cancer survivors themselves, Bob and Paul are determined to brighten the days of as many children as they can reach.

They began working together to gather small gifts they could deliver to children, but when they stumbled on the effectiveness of the capes and masks, they realized they had something special.  "You'd be surprised just how much power a cape truly holds," says Bob.  "A cape and mask can often help a kid face a scary procedure or test with just a bit more courage."

Super Hero Kits

So the fun began ... the team assembled "kits" that included mandatory items such as the capes, masks and super hero socks.  They then shopped for additional items kids would like such as coloring books, crayons, LED finger lights, etc. "Everything is kid-friendly and super team approved," says Bob.  "By approved, I mean that we may have played with things a bit."

We at Fodeo love what Bob, Paul and team are doing, so we decided to contribute to their cause by donating a batch of 200 red 4x6 frames to go in the kits.  "We thought the Fodeez® Frames would be great to help the kids decorate their hospital rooms with family photos," Bob said.  "Plus, they can always take the frame with them when they get to go back home."

150 and Counting

As of today, Heroes with Heart has donated 150 kits to children in Illinois.  They work with the Child Life Specialists within the hospitals and drop off 25 kits at a time to the hospitals.

"Heroes are a sign of strength and support, and we want to make our little Heroes know just how strong they are," says Bob.

Turning Frames into Heroes

The response from the kids has been overwhelming, and keeps fueling the team's drive to add more items to the kit and to create more kits to reach more kids.  But now the charity has its own logo and website.  And we even created some custom Fodeez® Frames to help make the brand more recognizable. 

heroes with heart donations cosplayers as super heroes

"We have cosplayers dress as a superhero.  We take their photo in costume and turn it into a best wishes card that we put into our custom Fodeez® Frame," Bob says.  "The frames make the photos pop, and it's so awesome for the kids to see these.  Using the frames, they can move the photos around their rooms, and even take them home!"  Bob adds that Heroes with Heart has also made trading cards out of the photos, and the kids are able to use these with the smaller Fodeez® Frames.

heroes with heart custom fodeez adhesive dry erase frames

Get in Touch with Heroes with Heart

If you'd like to help out the cause or if you'd just like to send a "great job" email, you can reach Bob and Paul at heroeswithheart@yahoo.com.  Their website address is http://www.heroeswithheart.org/

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