Graduation Gifts and Dorm Room Decorating

Graduation Gifts and Dorm Room Decorating

The Best Graduation Gift is a Personalized Gift

When we think of kids going off to college, there are two emotions . . . the first is excitement for the student trekking off on his or her own to new ventures and experience. But then there is the thought from the parents' perspectives - is my kid going to be ok, will he/she be happy at their chosen college, can they manage on their own?

What if we could give them a personalized gift that not only shows how much we really love them, but something that is also functional and will come in handy for every day life?

Fodeez® Dry Erase Adhesive Frames are that gift!

peel and stick reusable adhesive laptop skin for dorm room decorating

Customize Self-Stick Picture Frames with Personal Photos

Customizing your gift is so easy!  Watch this quick video to see how you can use photos of your high school graduate to create a personalized graduation gift that will be their favorite by far.



With so many uses for these peel and stick frames, your student's dorm room will be the best decorated and most organized!

Self-stick Dry Erase Board for Dorm Room Door

peel and stick dry erase board for dorm room door

Our frames not only look amazing, but they are so functional! Use an 8.5x11 peel and stick frame as a dry erase board on dorm room doors to leave notes and messages.

Works on Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel

peel and stick picture frame for non magnetic stainless steel refrigerator

For all of the dorm room mini fridges, these 4x6 reusable adhesive frames can display photos, but the clear middle area is where students can also leave dry erase notes and messages.

Closet Doors Can Be Used for Organization

Reusable adhesive dry erase board on closet doors for dorm room decorating

With our multi-pack in Coronado Patterns closet doors can be used for extra space to hand class schedules, to leave notes and checklists or to add favorite photos in highly visible spaces.

Keep Homework Area Organized

peel and stick Dry erase adhesive frames for dorm room organizationBecause our peel and stick adhesive frames allow you to place a photo or any other document behind the clear image area (the only product on the market with this capability!), students can quickly update calendars and schedules.

Many Design and Color Choices for Our Dorm Room Peel and Stick Adhesive Frames

peel and stick reusable adhesive photo frames and dry erase boards for college dorm room decorating

We have so many options to choose from!  And if you don't see what you're looking for, simply contact us at to submit your request.  We're happy to help!












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