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One of my 16-year-old daughter's great friends, Julia Hasan, was telling me last week how her mom uses our Fodeez Frames .... and I just had to pass on these ingenious little uses that I hope you will find just as handy!

easy peel and stick reusable adhesive storage pocket

I never would have thought of the first one, but I'm definitely going to implement it myself.  Jackie, Julia's mom, placed a 4x6 frame inside a kitchen cabinet close to where she brings in her daily mail.  But she only seals down 3 sides, leaving the top of the vertically placed frame open.

By leaving the top open, Jackie is able to drop checks waiting for deposit and other smaller documents she doesn't want to lose inside the frame "pocket."

"I've been doing this for several months now, and it's saved so much time by keeping what I need close at hand," says Jackie.

Quick and Simple Meal Planning

I strive to be as organized as Jackie, but when it comes to meal planning, I really fall short. I'm hoping I can follow her lead with the quick and simple method she uses to plan meals for the week.  

quick and easy meal planning with dry erase marker

Jackie placed a 4x6 dry erase adhesive frame on her stainless steel refrigerator where it's easily visible to the entire family.  She keeps the dry erase marker close by so that she can quickly jot down her meal plans for the week.  By placing a white piece of paper behind the frame, the black dry erase marker pops and is easier to read.  

"Keeping the meal ideas where I can see them makes it easy to write out my grocery list and keeps us all on track.  I hate having to think about what meals we're going to have each day, and this just makes it pretty simple," she says.  "At the end of the week, I just wipe off the clear area, and start over with a new plan."

Now if I could just get my family to eat the same type of healthy meals as the Hasan's eat!

Keeping Precious Memories Alive

Now Julia has one of the most endearing uses of our Fodeez® Frames I've heard to date.  She has a note that she wrote to her grandmother, Nana, when she was a toddler.  Her grandmother wrote her own note on the original, and Julia kept the note in a drawer for safekeeping.

Julia saw that the clear protective area of our frames would preserve the note and shield it from being damaged, so she now keeps it on her mirror where she has a daily reminder of her grandmother's love. Hugs to Julia for setting such a sweet example of how we can make it so simple to keep cherished memories with us.

protect cherished memories by using peel and stick adhesive frames



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