Teacher's Corner

"These Fodeez® Frames are awesome! So easy for the kids to use, and they wipe clean every time. My students are so happy they can work completely independently - no one has to hold the paper or the marker for them."
- Beth O'Shea, Special Education Teacher, Illinois

"Positioning" is very important to a lot of specialty therapists.  With Fodeez® Frames, I can position the paper how it needs to be, and because of the adhesive under the border, the paper beneath doesn't move when my student starts writing. And it's very handy for schedules that change often."
Maggie Driscoll - Speech Pathologist, California


"Your Fodeez® Frames are nice because you can attach them to the desk with the lined paper below.  It keeps the paper nicely in place and does not slide around.  We love that you can reposition it, and it is so easy to place on the desk or on the board.  We also use them on the Elmo's."
Toni Clancy, Kindergarten Aide, Illinois
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