One of our favorite pages!  This is the page where we can show a few examples of how our customers use their creativity to put Fodeez® Self-Stick Frames to work in some handy ways.  For even more ideas on how our dry erase adhesive frames can help keep you organized, on time and remind you what matters; hop on over to our blog pages.

Family Scheduler

If you haven't already seen this item that we just can't live without, take a look at our Family Schedulers.  

Use a smart phone to keep your calendar up-to-date? You'll love how easy it is to post a print out from your phone app onto your fridge - the whole family can see who's supposed to be where and when.


Label pretty much anything

The 4x6 and 2x3 Fodeez® Frames are the perfect size to label any smooth surface - bins in toy rooms, pantry containers of flour, sugar, etc. It's quick and easy to change out photos or wipe off dry erase marker if you change the container's contents. 

Tools for Making Homework Cleaner

Your child may or may not be a blossoming Einstein, but Fodeez® Dry Erase Frames can take the frustration out of pencil marks that won't erase off the paper or little hands being just a bit too strong and accidentally tearing the paper while erasing.


Simply slip the worksheet under an 8.5x11 Fodeez® Frame.  Practice answers until the answer is correct, then transfer the work onto the clean worksheet.  Very simple! Buy 8.5x11 Fodeez® Frames.

An improptu dry erase board wherever you need it

Running new plays on a basketball or volleyball court? Need to draw out a quick diagram? Fodeez® Frames make it easy to adhere a dry erase board whenever you need one. 

Buy 8.5x11 Fodeez® Frames.

Recipe Holder/Protector

Organization at its best while cooking! Keep your recipe safely on the counter or fridge - Fodeez® Frames holds it in place while you cook. And if you spill - no worries! Simply wipe it clean.

(Cheetah pattern will be available on Home Shopping Network January 26 at 9 am CST) 

Babysitter Notes or Checklist

Keep your sitter informed as to where you’ll be and tips for the night. Easily update by simply printing out a new sheet or using dry erase to make changes.

This application can be used for pretty much any notes or lists such as:

  • Directions for at-home medical care ie. “Johnny’s Breathing Treatment”
  • List of what your child needs to bring to school or after school activity.
  • School lunch menu
  • kids can circle the days they want to buy lunch.
  • Football/Basketball brackets (Superbowl and March Madness are just around the corner)

Shop 8.5x11 Fodeez® Frames

Little Reminder Notes Where You need them

Remember little things with big style! Designer dry erase notes where you can see them that also enhance your decor. 

Unique and Customized photo Laptop and tablet skins

Unlike other laptop skins / iPad skins, Fodeez® Frames allow you to change out your photo any time you want - with Fodeez® Frames, your latest and greatest photo is always front and center!

Safely and Easily Display Kids’ Artwork

There’s nothing else you can buy that will so easily display your little Rembrandt’s best artwork.

Keep Toddlers Safe

 From one of our customers:  I like hanging pics and artwork all over my fridge but I have a little one who eats everything so magnets weren't an option. Your frames were the perfect solution. Thank you!!

--  Keara Biller, Colorado

Keep toddlers from choking on refrigerator magnets with Fodeez self stick photo frames for kid artwork