Fodeez® Frames Background Info

With almost $1 million in total sales to date, we've proven market acceptance, and we are ready to hit the ground running and tackle retail!


We began as a low-cost, but highly unique promotional item that would appeal to users of a variety of demographics - age, gender, race, etc.  The fact that we print digitally allows us to customize for any brand and use.  For instance, Frito-Lay purchase 22,000 4x6 frames as part of a truck safety initiative.


Why Retail Now?

Consumers are frustrated with the inability to place photos, calendars, etc. at the "command center" of the home .... namely, non-magnetic contemporary refrigerators.  Consumers (mostly women aged 35 and older) want a way to neatly and fashionably display family-oriented media that enhances home decor.  Tacky-looking magnets sell, but Fodeez® Frames sell better - we just need more people to know about them.



Business Use

Fodeez® Frames eliminate the need to laminate paper - save money, time, labor and our environment.  They are even weatherproof and can be used on store fronts to post hours, menu items, etc.

eliminate laminated paper with peel and stick reusable sign displays


4)  With over 1300 5-star reviews, we've found that people love Fodeez® Frames!

First prototypes were sold in 2010.  Annual Sales: $61,800

1)  First models were poorly made, but response at a large RV trade show demonstrated huge demand.

2)  We sold $1,000 of a $15 product within the first 2 hours of selling.  Demand continued, but we knew we needed a better product.

3)  Sold $40,000 to largest RV distributor.

Manufactured first model of current product in 2013.  2014 Annual Sales:  $363,838

1)  Won "Invention of the Year" at Inpex.

2)  Declined licensing offer from Elmer's Glue.

3)  Sold almost 200,000 units to Walgreens.  Walgreens failed to display product, so the promotion failed.


Sold to Bed Bath Beyond in 2017.  Annual Sales:  $122,571

1)  Again, the big box retailer failed to display product, so the promotion failed.

2)  We began experimenting with Facebook Ads and selling direct to consumers/businesses via

Via Facebook Ads, 2019 YTD sales have exceeded $236,000

This ad alone has generated over $100,000 in sales.  It was shot and edited in the inventor's kitchen via an iPhone in less than 1 hour.  When running on Facebook, the ad includes subtitles.


Untapped Audiences

We've only been targeting consumer audiences via Facebook Ads, and there are many untapped audiences we plan to reach beginning 3Q of 2019.  Early testing of consumer marketing to Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom has shown huge promise.

1)  B2B.  We routinely sell 8.5x11 frames to Harvard Medical, Bristol Myers Squib, and numerous other churches, small businesses, schools and pre-schools.

2)  Custom safety frames have sold to Amerigas, Frito-Lay, American Pipeline, Univeristy of Michigan, etc.