Easy Peasy Gifts They'll Love

Teachers, Nurses, Coaches . . . 

These are important people, and you want just the right gift - something nice, personal, but not too personal.  Fodeez® Frames!

And now, through December 25, we'll make the whole gift look nice and cozy at no extra charge.  That's right, free gift box packaging with every purchase over $14.99.  

Any Design or Size

Simply pick out your favorite pattern (you can add more than one gift!), and choose "Gift Wrapping" at checkout.  Your order will be nicely packaged in a high-end gift box with a metallic silver bow.

If you'd like to place multiple items in a single gift box, please tell us in the Notes section at checkout.


Dry Erase Marker Included

We'll even throw in an ultra fine dry erase marker as our contribution to the gift!