Build the Life You've Always Wanted!

Tired of Someone Else Being in Charge?

If you're like me, you want to be the one to determine how much you get paid for the work you do.  And you want to decide when you should do the work, what you should wear (yoga pants are perfect!), and who you should work with.

 Reliv is the company that can give you what you're looking for.

Get to the Point

If you want to immediately learn more about the Reliv opportunity, click here for my husband's story, and our Reliv website. If you'd like to learn a little more about why you're reading about an opportunity on my Fodeez® Frames website, keep going - I won't let you down!

Corporate Income While Working from Home in PJ's

Yes, that's exactly what I did!

I had worked as a Project Manager for The Home Depot for 6 years (1989 - 1995) when I stumbled upon Reliv.  Stumbled is actually an odd term since I fought building a Reliv "business" - I used to put little air hash marks around my friend's "business" when she initially talked to me about the Reliv products.  I canceled lunch on her 5 times in two months before I finally showed up to hear about Reliv and how she thought the products could help with my low blood sugar.

I saw a pile of health results from Reliv products in just a very short time.  But, remember, I was skeptical. I told my friend when she sold me the products "Don't bother cashing my check because this stuff isn't going to work." No one was more surprised than me when I began to feel better than I'd felt in my life.

I only met with my friend because she told me she had another friend that was a single mom and that single mom was making over $8,000 in less than a year. I hated my job, and I didn't want to keep traveling to a different state every day to work.

Further, because Reliv is based on residual income, what I do on a daily basis continues to pay me for the rest of my life.  Oddly, when I stopped working for The Home Depot, they stopped paying me!

Part-Time/Full-Time? You Get to Decide

I started working Reliv just a few hours a week because I knew I could help A TON of people feel better.  My mom had migraines and hot flashes, my dad had back pain, my best friend had allergies, and many friends had PMS.  

After 3 months, I quit my job because I was having more fun working my Reliv business than I was showing up for work every day wearing an orange apron. By the way, the "work" is simply telling people about the Reliv story - this is as tough as my job gets :).

Less than 5 months later, I had replaced the income it had taken me 6 years to build at The Home Depot. I still "bleed orange," but now I get to visit the stores to shop rather than to work.

The best part is that when I started, I walked around my house in my bathrobe talking on the phone - making money without having to leave my house during the day!

Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

I'm not saying you sign up as a distributor and money starts rolling in. Nope, building a business, any business, is work.  And lots of it!  It's just that this is the most fun and rewarding work you'll ever do (in my opinion!)

So Why Fodeez® Frames?

The Fodeez® Frames are products I invented after Tom, my husband, and I built a house in 2006.  Because Reliv provided the time and the money, I was able to spend 4 years developing the frames and now marketing them.  I'm not able to add a personal page to our Reliv website, so this was the next best method for me to share my personal story.

My Advice?

We've made millions of dollars with Reliv (it would be illegal for me to lie about that, so I can just tell you that the statement is absolutely true).  I don't know if Reliv is right for you or not - only you can make that determination.  But to make a decision, you'll need the facts, and I'm only looking for 3 people to work with right now.  Take a look at . 

If you'd like to know more, simply fill out the form on our Reliv website, and I'll get in touch with you.

"Be willing to give up what you have in order to get what you want."

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