Fodeez Branded
Fodeez Branded Fodeez Branded Fodeez Branded Fodeez Branded Fodeez Branded Fodeez Branded
$ 3.49

About Fodeez® Branded Notes

    • 3 Fodeez® Notes in the package
    • NOT a magnet
    • High-quality print
    • Clear film protects photos - adhesive is only under frame area
    • Reusable adhesive - use again and again
    • Durable, won't rip
    • Display area can be written on with dry erase marker
    • Clear display area dimensions:  2" x 3"
    • Actual size of Fodeez® Frame:  3" x 4"

    Stay Motivated

    Need a small but cute visible reminder of what motivates you?  Or would you like to leave messages for that special someone, but change the messages whenever you want?  Fodeez® Positive Notes are the cute little dry erase “notepad” that adheres (but easily peels off!) to any solid, non-porous surface.  You can even place photos beneath them and then draw on the clear image area with a dry erase marker!  So versatile . . . they can adhere to walls, laptop computers, mirrors, even wine bottles!

    Dry Erase!

    The dry erase feature allows the clear image area to be used as an adhesive dry erase board for notes, making lists or even drawing a mustache on friends and family that can easily be wiped clean.

    Lots of Research

    Fodeez® Frames are the result of nearly four years of product research and development.  For a simple product, a lot of details had to be worked out.  This expansive testing ensures you are receiving a high-quality, long-lasting and durable peel and stick picture frame to display your photos on multiple surfaces without causing damage to either the photo or the surface.