Fodeez® Adhesive Dry Erase Family Scheduler - Shabby Chic Collection - Fodeez® Adhesive Display Frames / Dry Erase Boards
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Fodeez® Adhesive Dry Erase Family Scheduler - Shabby Chic Collection

$ 8.99

Fodeez® Family Schedulers are the most effective innovation for keeping track of busy families!


Our peel and stick schedulers combine the ease of entering events into a phone or computer app with the simplicity of a traditional wall calendar.

  1. Simply print out this month's calendar from your software.
  2. Place the print out under the Fodeez® Scheduler.
  3. Add events with a dry erase marker as they arise.
  4. At the end of the month, wipe the Scheduler clean for a fresh start.
  5. Print out a new calendar for the next month, and you're good to go again!

    Larger Fodeez® Schedulers work well on walls, desktops, doors, etc.

    The most effective calendar on the market to organize busy families! Fodeez® Family Schedulers combine the simplicity of a calendar application on a phone or computer with good old-fashioned dry erase boards. If you keep your schedule on your phone or computer, simply go to the full month view, and print that image. Place the Fodeez® Family Scheduler on your refrigerator or any other smooth surface. Slide your monthly print out underneath, and you’re all set. As events get added, simply write them onto the Family Scheduler with a dry erase marker. At the end of the month, wipe the Fodeez® Family Scheduler clean and start again with the new month.

    Keeping track of multiple kids can be a challenge to know who is supposed to be where at what time. Fodeez® Family Schedulers keep your calendar visible and easily updated so that everyone knows what’s going on. The peel and stick adhesive makes these calendars your top choice for self-adhesive products that can be displayed on any smooth surface.