4x6 Fodeez Frames "You know you're a gymnast when . . . " - Pack of 5 - Fodeez® Adhesive Display Frames / Dry Erase Boards
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4x6 Fodeez Frames "You know you're a gymnast when . . . " - Pack of 5

$ 14.99

About Fodeez® Peel and Stick Reusable Adhesive Display Frames / Dry Erase Boards

  • 5 Fodeez® Frames in the package
  • NOT a magnet
  • High-quality print
  • Clear film protects photos - adhesive is only under frame area
  • Reusable adhesive - use again and again
  • Durable, won't rip
  • Display area can be written on with dry erase marker
  • Clear Display Area Dimensions:  4" x 6"
  • Actual Fodeez® Frame Dimensions:  5.75" x 8"

Gymnasts are most definitely a different breed!  These cute Fodeez Frames are a great meet gift for when competition comes to your gym, or as a goodie bag gift during birthday parties for these incredible athletes!  Even more fun is to use along with a photo booth at meets and parties.

These picture frames come with a 4x6 display area and can also be used as laptop skins or iPad skins to add warmth to cool gadgets.

The dry erase feature in the photo area means you can create lists, make notes, or simply draw mustaches on coaches and friends.

Fodeez® Frames are the result of nearly four years of product research and development.  For a simple product, a lot of details had to be worked out.  This expansive testing ensure you are receiving a high-quality, long-lasting and durable peel and stick picture frame to display your photos on multiple surfaces without causing damage to either the photo or the surface.