How long does the program run?

We can establish this on a case-by-case basis, but we typically suggest a 2-week run time.  Our suggestion is to send out the initial email, a reminder after the first week, and then a final reminder the day before the program ends.

    We Can Sell Custom Frames?

    Absolutely!  We love seeing school logos and mascots on our products, and we think it helps generate a bit of school pride!

    How Do We Pick a Design?

    We suggest holding a group design contest, but if you'd like to get started immediately, choose from one of these great designs.

    We Don't Have to Deliver Anything?

    Correct!  Friends and family place orders via your custom page on our website.  We ship each order directly to the customer, so there's no hassle or work on your part.

    Can You Send Me Samples?

    As you can imagine, we get tons of requests for samples.  The cost for us to send out free samples with every request would cause us to have to increase our prices and would limit the amount we could pass on as a donation.

    We send out “sample” packs to our promotional distributors that include 2 random samples of each size at a reimbursable cost of $15 per package.

    The $15 sample cost will be reimbursed with the donation check if you choose to order.

    Here is a link to purchase the random sample package if you’d like.