8.5 x 11 Solid Fodeez® Frames

Solid Fodeez® Frames

These solid picture frames are affordably priced and their innovative design makes them the perfect solution for a variety of applications.  Constructed from high-end and durable polypropylene, these picture frames can be used again and again.  As long as the frame is always smoothed down and not exposed to air, the frame can be used for years.  Photos and graphics displayed beneath the clear poly image area are protected from dust and splatters.  Their highly unique design allows for either landscape or portrait displays. The solid border is ideal for emphasizing displayed prints, signs, notes or advertisements. These inexpensive picture frames are also easy to use and are perfect for quickly changing out photos or messages due to the self-stick adhesive beneath the frame area. Fodeez® Frames can be used in home, offices, libraries, restaurants, stores and any other area where posting photos or notices is essential.

Use Fodeez® Frames in the home to showcase family snapshots, in offices to post employee notices, at restaurants to post menus, etc.  Every Fodeez® Frame is designed to withstand multiple uses due to the adhesive only under the frame area - there is no adhesive under the clear image area. These picture frames allow you to quickly and easily affix the stick-on display to any non-pourous surface such as walls, stainless steel, cabinets, windows, mirrors, etc.

The most significant feature of these picture frames is that they will not leave residue or peel paint off walls. No need to drill holes or be concerned about marks on walls or other surfaces when the picture frames have been removed. And you can store them for future use simply by placing back on the liner or any other smooth surface where the frame adhesive area will not be exposed to air.

Reusable hundreds of times, these picture frames can be used to enhance the appearance of any refrigerator instead of refrigerator magnets.