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University of Wisconsin Health Puts Fodeez® Frames to Work

If you're looking for a quick way to communicate with employees about where they are in terms of reaching goals, Univeristy of Wisconsin Health has found a way to quickly and simply let staff know where they stand.

Color Works for Quick Visual Identification

Whether you work in a hospital/medical, retail, restaurant or manufacturing environment, etc. your business has goals.

UW Health innovatively uses Fodeez Frames to show which goals are being reached and which may need a bit of work.

  • Green:  Postings on their whiteboard that are framed in lime green mean the goals are being met 100%.
  • Yellow:  Postings framed in yellow mean the goals are 50% - 99% met.
  • Red:  Postings framed in red mean the metrics are 49% or below goal.
  • Black frames are used for simply conveying information.

Here's a simple diagram of an example whiteboard for demonstration purposes.

whiteboard for goal planning using peel and stick reusable photo frames with dry erase


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